83330 - Le Castellet

Discover a place rich in history

Since the construction of the main building at the beginning of the last century, the castle has experienced several architectural evolutions. It has been, with the village of Le Castellet, witness to our history as well as more anecdotal stories.

The spirit of the Lumière Brothers

The chapel dates from the thirteenth century and the main building was completed in 1905 on the remains of a priory. A few years later, the Lumière brothers, who grew up in Lyon and realized the potential of the property, acquired the chapel and main building and converted it to a hotel. The property remained a hotel until the end of the 1960's, when it was acquired by a private owner who made renovations and additions such as the swimming pool in the form of a drop of water.

A place with medieval origins

The medieval village of Le Castellet, in itself a tourist attraction, will delight you with its authentic stone architecture, cobblestone streets, craftsmen and shopkeepers, and unique Provence atmosphere.

A local provençal heritage

From its medieval and religious origin (a priory once stood where the main building now stands), through its requisition by the Italian army during World War II, the Chateau des Costes and its surroundings are full of history. Several movies were filmed here including the famous "La femme du boulanger" with Raimu.